AttentionA hazard named ‘’



AttentionA hazard named ‘’

I am executing an advertizing account in GOOGLE named Adword in which I can develope and open advertizing campaigns based on KeyWords.

All this in the hope of attracting clients to diferent Sites and in return Google gains from applying to my Sites.


Every thing was good and peachy till I have discovered that somebody Hacked successfully into Google, and my account, and was successful in erecting three advertisig campaigns without noticement but only with KeyWords. To each one of this advertisements was alloted a budget of $5000 per day.

Up to the instant that I have noticed the above, Google reported that it was going to debit me with a sum of about $150.


Now, who knows what to do. To whom can you apply.


First action, e-mail and inform google. But they take quite a while to answer and especially on Sunday of course there is no response.

But, wait a second, there is today in Israel a company named Google Israel with a young and nice manager named Meir Brand so I thought that surely there is a telephne for customer service. Yes, by inquiring at no. 144 you are immediately supplied with the apprpriate number – 0737961450 but as it turned out this number is no longer related to them. And there no alternate way to find a telephone for help and support.

And not just a simple and unimportant support, this is to warn about breaking and entering into their system which had probably cost me money.

And I very much hope that they will reimburse me. We shall see?


As I kept on searching for solutions I encountered the public relations person of Google in Israel Mr. Moshe who by showing courtesy and willing to help told me to send the e-mail to him and he will forward it to the right person.

I thanked him but still he refused to give me a telephone number or mail adress for a direct solution of the problem.


Here are the particulars of Mr. Moshe, Public relations: Phone 0523365055



I hope that a rection from google including the proper reimbursement with reach me soon, but until then, if someone has to offer an advice or solution than PLEASE.

Avraham Ronco



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